"System Analysis and Decision Making Theory"

leader of seminar - O. Nakonechnyi, Professor, Dr. Sci (Phys.-Math.)

29.05.2019 Sirenko Andriy
  14-40, r.609   "Investigation of the stability of dynamic systems with switching and delay"
29.05.2019 Makhort Andriy
  14-10, r.609   "Modelling a behaviour system and an estimation of its reaction on an influence of selected factors"
18.04.2019 Shatyrko Andriy
  14-15, r.609   "Qulitative analysis of Lur'e-type non-linear control systems under uncertainty"
28.02.2019 Senio Petro
  14-15, r.609   "Methods of localization of functional uncertainties in solving deterministic and stochastic problems"
01.11.2018 Dotsenko Serhiy
  14-45, r.609   "Cooperative knapsack problem"
01.11.2018 Apanasenko Dmytro
  14-15, r.609   "Methods of clustering fuzzy data a special kind and their application"
25.10.2018 Naumenko Yurii
  14-45, r.609   "Hybrid diffusion models of information distribution processes and their application"
25.10.2018 Shevchuk Iuliia
  14-15, r.609   "Development and analysis of population models of the information spreading process"
06.06.2018 Dotsenko Serhiy
  15-00, r.609   "Cooperative games on graphs and it's application in tranport systems"
30.05.2018 Rusanyuk L.I.
  15-15, r.609   "Stochastic equations with random factors"
30.05.2018 Buchak K.V.
  14-45, r.609   "Analytic properties of the Poisson and Skellam processes with random time change"
23.05.2018 Nikitin Anatolii
  15-00, r.609   "Asymptotic analysis of the differential equations with stochastic impact using approximation schemes"
23.03.2018 Dotsenko Serhiy
  14-00, r.609   "On partizan games in secretary problem"
15.11.2017 Chabak Liubov
  14-15, r.609   "Projection algorithms for variational inequalities and equilibrium programming"
04.10.2017 Makhno Mykhaylo
  14-45, r.609   "Models and methods for solving of crisp and fuzzy optimization tasks of time resources distribution in scheduling and testing problems"
04.10.2017 Morenets Volodymyr
  14-15, r.609   "Game problems with a fuzzy set of agents"
27.06.2017 Nikitin Anatolii
  14-15, r.609   "Asymptotic properties of prelimited and limited stochastic differential equations at approximation schemes"
25.05.2017 Ostapenko Vitalii
  14-45, r.609   "Estimates of functionals of harmonizable stochastic processes"
25.05.2017 Sidei Mariia
  14-15, r.609   "Estimations of functionals of stationary processes from observations with missing values"
18.05.2017 Pryshchepa Oksana
  14-15, r.609   "Managed retrial queues with impatient customers"
09.03.2017 Pasichna Majia
  14-15, r.609   "Models and methods of diversification and optimization of the structure of the energy portfolio of major energy companies in the EU"
16.11.2016 Munchak Euheniia
  14-45, r.609   "Functional limit theorems and applications to discrete-time and continuous-time financial markets"
16.11.2016 Kuchiuk-Yatsenko Serhii
  14-15, r.609   "Arbitrage absence and option pricing on financial markets with stochastic volatility"
06.10.2016 Demchenko Iryna
  14-40, r.609   "Optimal strategies for multifood models control of reserves"
06.10.2016 Makhort Andriy
  14-00, r.609   "Modelling of behavior of an economy under presence of monopolies"
20.04.2016 Vadnev Dmytro
  14-15, r.609   "Application of prime numbers to formalize fuzzy variables in problems of modeling and optimization"
24.02.2016 Pyshnograev Ivan
  14-00, r.609   "Optimal control and minimax estimations for parabolic-hyperbolic equations with non-local pointed boundary conditions"
18.02.2016 Sokhadze Grygol (Georgia)
  14-00, r.609   "Integral functionals from the density of distribution"
28.01.2016 Pasichnichenko Illya
  14-00, r.609   "Statistical Regularities in Modeling of Decision Making"
09.12.2015 Kateryna Kosarevych
  15-30, r.609   "System analysis in the problems of competition of producers with random variables"
09.12.2015 Viktor Kukurba
  15-00, r.609   "Continues stochastic optimization procedure with semi-Markov switchings"
04.11.2015 Al-Sammarrai Mohammed Saad Ibrahim
  14-15, r.609   "Development of decision making methods in the generalized transportation problems with fuzzy structure and their application"
07.10.2015 Fedir Skotarenko
  14-40, r.609   "Pseudoinverse Techniques In Grouping Information Problem: development and application"
07.10.2015 Valentyna Savkova
  14-00, r.609   "The system analysis methods and algorithms for quality management of education"
27.05.2015 Al-Sammarrai Mohammed Saad Ibrahim
  14-15, r.609   "Development of decision making methods in the generalized transportation problems with fuzzy structure and their application"
16.04.2015 Al-Sammarrai Mohammed Saad Ibrahim
  14-00, r.609   "Development of Decision-Making Methods in Petroleum Products Transportation Problems with Fuzzy Structure"
02.04.2015 Serhij Dotsenko
  14-00, r.609   "Cooperative games in assignment and transport problems"
19.03.2015 Igor Andrushchak
  14-00, r.609   "Development and application of methods of decision-making, optimization and control system in medical research"
05.03.2015 Boldyreva Valeriia
  14-00, r.609   "Some methods of risks estimation in insurance"

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